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7 signs you’re dating an abusive person!

Just like everyone else, I was shocked and heartbroken by the news of the killing of this vibrant minstrel of God, by no one else but her own husband, the one person whose duty it is to love her. After having vented a lot, I decided there’s no point crying over spilled milk, let’s help… Continue reading 7 signs you’re dating an abusive person!

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3 lessons from love is blind II You can click to watch it or you can read the post below. ❤️ Let me know which one you prefer in the comments! One of the things I do to relax is watch love movies, stories, anything love related. I'm a lover of love. Therefore, it wasn't a huge surprise when I was… Continue reading 3 lessons from love is blind II

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Letters to my (imaginary) single friend (pt 2)

*Married women should read this too Dear Cantù, I’m honestly glad that I get to write to you again, because there’s been a lot on my mind, and of course writing to a friend is a great way to take some load off. Last month I told you that building or deepening your relationship with… Continue reading Letters to my (imaginary) single friend (pt 2)

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It’s Valentine’s Day?

To be honest, the day just sort of crept on me this year, maybe because hubs and I have got “bigger fish to fry”. I know the day is past, but this thought of mine remains evergreen: Can God use your relationship? If God were to rate your courtship or marriage for His use, what… Continue reading It’s Valentine’s Day?