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Letters to my (imaginary) single friend (pt 2)

*Married women should read this too Dear Cantù, I’m honestly glad that I get to write to you again, because there’s been a lot on my mind, and of course writing to a friend is a great way to take some load off. Last month I told you that building or deepening your relationship with… Continue reading Letters to my (imaginary) single friend (pt 2)

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It’s Valentine’s Day?

To be honest, the day just sort of crept on me this year, maybe because hubs and I have got “bigger fish to fry”. I know the day is past, but this thought of mine remains evergreen: Can God use your relationship? If God were to rate your courtship or marriage for His use, what… Continue reading It’s Valentine’s Day?

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One vital key to succeed in marriage!

Leaving and Cleaving is one of the most important keys to a successful marriage. There are many needless struggles that couples go through simply because they permit excessive family interference. Your parents will find it hard to leave you, they raised you for the better part of their lives and maybe even see you as… Continue reading One vital key to succeed in marriage!

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Why your husband may stop talking to you.

Some of us are blessed to marry men who freely share with us. They tell us everything. They seek our counsel and regard our opinions . However, as our intimacy grows, it can be easy to get too comfortable and begin to unknowingly relate and respond in ways that puts that closeness at risk. If… Continue reading Why your husband may stop talking to you.