Godly, beautiful, deeply satisfying marriages still exist!

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In spite of the negative media that marriages get today, do you believe it is still possible to have a relationship that brings a smile to your face and peace to your heart every time you think about the two of you? Are you experiencing it?

One thing I have realized (after 7 years of courtship and 5 years of marriage) is, to have this kind of marriage, you must never stop learning and applying the things you learn.

On this blog, I share lessons I am continually learning in my marriage, from the scriptures, from other relationship experts etc., so you can have access to practical tips that will help you build that godly, beautiful, deeply satisfying marriage you deserve!

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How to have uncomfortable conversations with your spouse.

Even in the most loving of relationships, there are those moments when the subject is sour and the conversation is hard. Sometimes, it could be the big issues, like finances, parenting, in-laws, sex. It could also be the little things like “who is not doing enough to help in the house” or “who is not…

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Honeymoon sex tips for virgins.

Heyyy! You did it. You kept your virginity until your wedding! Wow, that is so uncommon these days and I am super proud of you. Now that you’re here, married and ready for sex, how do you proceed? Maybe you’ve heard different stories about the pain, the awkwardness, the blood etc. and that has set…

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A marriage lesson from cooking (2).

Last week thursday, I made peppered grilled chicken&fried potato with sauce. It was a meal my husband and I thorougly enjoyed for two reasons: 1) It wasn’t a routine meal in our home. 2) It was very delicious 🤤 In Nigeria, due to the epileptic power supply, we never owned a grill, so I had…

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