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4 relationship lessons from my blender.

I love how the Holy Spirit uses the simple things in my environment to teach me about relationships. I bought my blender based on recommendation from my mom. She told me how good it was and how I can blend anything with it. Her recommendation was good enough for me, so I did no research… Continue reading 4 relationship lessons from my blender.

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3 lessons from love is blind II You can click to watch it or you can read the post below. ❤️ Let me know which one you prefer in the comments! One of the things I do to relax is watch love movies, stories, anything love related. I'm a lover of love. Therefore, it wasn't a huge surprise when I was… Continue reading 3 lessons from love is blind II

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Letters to my (imaginary) single friend Pt 1.

Dear Cantu, I remember a time when I was in Bible school. I was in the third and final level of the school and I met a married woman who was just starting level one. We got talking and she was wishing she could do all 3 levels as quickly as I did them, but… Continue reading Letters to my (imaginary) single friend Pt 1.

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A marriage lesson from cooking.

My husband is a great cook, and he loves to cook too, and I share that simply to get your attention. Now that I have it, imagine my husband and I were to cook a very delicious stew. We both contributed to making it very tasty and inviting to the eyes. It’s supposed to last… Continue reading A marriage lesson from cooking.