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Finding fulfillment as Busy Moms

Being a mother is undoubtedly the most demanding role a woman plays in her lifetime. Growing up, one quote about motherhood that stayed with me is “A mother’s work is never done”. I used to think it meant a mother will always be rendering help to her children throughout her lifetime, but now as a… Continue reading Finding fulfillment as Busy Moms

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5 Things to do in a waiting season.

It was my birthday on Friday, the 26th of August, and as usual, I spent some time thinking about the changes I’ve experienced and the lessons I’ve learnt in the last one year. I have been going through a sort of waiting period in my life and if you have had to go through a… Continue reading 5 Things to do in a waiting season.


Break the Bias!

Tuesday was international women's day and while people were celebrating the women in their lives, I took time to reflect on the theme for this year's IWD: Break the bias. I know that the world as it is, is biased about women, with pay inequalities, job opportunities, job security etc. If we think about all… Continue reading Break the Bias!


4 life lessons my weight loss experience taught me.

This year I set out with a simple weight loss goal, to go from the 203lbs I weighed on delivery morning to 150lbs by baby’s first birthday which is quite reasonable. Look where I’m coming from 😁 I also had a simple plan to achieve that goal, a high protein low carb diet and at… Continue reading 4 life lessons my weight loss experience taught me.