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Looking forward to 2022

It’s that time of the year when most people are reflecting and planning. A new year brings new opportunities to make our lives better which is why we make these new year resolutions. Keeping them however requires self-discipline, which most of us haven’t mastered. Might I suggest to you by the way, that keeping a… Continue reading Looking forward to 2022


4 life lessons my weight loss experience taught me.

This year I set out with a simple weight loss goal, to go from the 203lbs I weighed on delivery morning to 150lbs by baby’s first birthday which is quite reasonable. Look where I’m coming from 😁 I also had a simple plan to achieve that goal, a high protein low carb diet and at… Continue reading 4 life lessons my weight loss experience taught me.

Courtship /Marriage

I’ve been reading about In-laws!

There are so many books written on the topic of marriage in general, but far too few written about managing In-law relationships. And this is one of the areas where most couples experience some struggle. So I took a deep dive into “Toxic In laws, loving strategies for protecting your marriage “ by Susan Forward… Continue reading I’ve been reading about In-laws!