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Tips to keep your marriage healthy when raising little kids.

One of the most demanding period of any person’s life is when they are raising young kids. Their absolute dependence on you to get their needs met takes a toll on you physically, mentally, emotionally, even socially. Need a break from them, yet can’t be without them😅 Usually, the first relationship that is affected by… Continue reading Tips to keep your marriage healthy when raising little kids.

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The only person responsible for your happiness and fulfillment is you.👌 Not your spouse, definitely not your children. Yes they may do things that make you happy every now and then, But it is your responsibility to make time, to pursue those interests and engage in those activities that make you as an individual, happy… Continue reading C&M Nuggets (1)

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Re – 5th Anniversary “Celebration”.

October 1st was our 5th wedding anniversary and we spent it in the most unexpected way - Apart! I was in the hospital (for a couple of days) with our first daughter, while my husband was at home with the little baby. It was an extremely stressful day to say the least, but I'm deeply… Continue reading Re – 5th Anniversary “Celebration”.

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Dear single lady

Over the years, I have written many words of advice to you, but today I want to go deeper, and really pour my heart to help you along on this journey of love. First, let's all agree that it's hard to be single when you really desire to be married. People typically have a lot… Continue reading Dear single lady