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What I’ve been reading.

I’m an avid book reader (in case you don’t know). I read to relax, to learn, and also to be inspired. Of course, I love reading about marriage and all it entails. I’ve been reading “Conflict resolution for couples” by Paul Shaffer and I came across this insightful and thought provoking list. Pls think about… Continue reading What I’ve been reading.

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A marriage lesson from cooking.

My husband is a great cook, and he loves to cook too, and I share that simply to get your attention. Now that I have it, imagine my husband and I were to cook a very delicious stew. We both contributed to making it very tasty and inviting to the eyes. It’s supposed to last… Continue reading A marriage lesson from cooking.

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Effective communication 101: How to encourage your husband to talk to you more.

Familiarity breeds contempt in any relationship …if you allow it to. In the past 5 years of being married to my husband, I have sometimes gotten too comfortable in our relationship that I speak without intentionally trying to ensure that I'm coming across with respect. You know those moments when you wonder why he's not… Continue reading Effective communication 101: How to encourage your husband to talk to you more.

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Looking forward to 2022

It’s that time of the year when most people are reflecting and planning. A new year brings new opportunities to make our lives better which is why we make these new year resolutions. Keeping them however requires self-discipline, which most of us haven’t mastered. Might I suggest to you by the way, that keeping a… Continue reading Looking forward to 2022