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3 things I absolutely loved about my wedding!

It’s been 6+ years! But my wedding is still one I look back on with joy. It was a one day event filled with such fond memories. I watched a video of it again a while back and I found myself laughing and tearing up a little bit.

Of course like it is for most people, church service was a breeze. We were done in less than an hour, I suppose, how can I be sure? I was on cloud nine (for the most part).😂

Well, not go into too much details, here are the 3 things I loved the most about our wedding.

The Painting

So I had a friend commission a painting for us that depicted the gentle loving we’ve enjoyed in our relationship, and I presented it to my husband at the wedding.

My husband and I had an everlasting courtship that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, lol. And in all those years, he was so consistent in his love (he still is).

When we moved to the states, I couldn’t bring it along and that saddened me. Then hubs had it re done for me over here as a surprise birthday gift a few years ago.

Young love 😍

Every time I walk by and look at it, I am reminded of the beautiful love story we have and how it is worth fighting for.

The message

My eldest brother couldn’t attend my wedding as he was thousands of miles away, but he found a unique way to be a part of it that made me feel so special.

He sent a recorded message which was played at the wedding. Telling everyone how special I was, that I was the gem of the family ☺️ and wishing us the best.

Of course what’s more special than having your all your friends and family hear such great things about you and that you’re a treasure on your wedding day!!! That was a such a beautiful moment for me.

The dance

A night to our wedding, my friends threw an amazing bridal shower. And during the program, we decided to do a dance at the wedding. It was last minute but I was high on adrenaline and gratitude I just couldn’t say no.

We did a simple routine, rehearsed a couple of times and we performed it at the wedding. It was a hit. It just made the wedding fun, fun, fun for all of us.

Amongst other fun moments like the “dance in”, couple’s game etc, these three moments were my absolute favorite.

A beautiful wedding is not all about large funding, it’s about creating unique intimate moments that are meaningful to you as a couple and will bring a smile to your face years after.

A few years after our wedding, the song my friends and I danced to was playing, and hubs decided to be goofy and did our dance 😂😂😂. I was literally rolling on the floor with laughter.

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See you soon

Warm regards,

Mrs O.

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