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One vital key to succeed in marriage!

Leaving and Cleaving is one of the most important keys to a successful marriage.

There are many needless struggles that couples go through simply because they permit excessive family interference.

Your parents will find it hard to leave you, they raised you for the better part of their lives and maybe even see you as the hallmark of their success in life. You are the one who should leave mentally and emotionally so you can truly become one with your spouse.

To leave doesn’t mean to never see or spend time with them, it simply means your spouse now comes first (even though to your parents, especially when you have only one left, you probably still come first).

Your spouse’s opinion, needs, interests, decisions and overall well being comes first. That is the law of priority that every marriage must fulfill in order to succeed.

However it doesn’t always come to us naturally simply because we exchanged vows, we must make a strong decision to leave and cleave and ask for grace to help us to do so while honoring our parents.

May God help us all in Jesus name.

Until next week,😎

With all my love❤️

Mrs O😊

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