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It’s Valentine’s Day?

To be honest, the day just sort of crept on me this year, maybe because hubs and I have got “bigger fish to fry”.

I know the day is past, but this thought of mine remains evergreen: Can God use your relationship?

If God were to rate your courtship or marriage for His use, what would you score?

When I think about this, the story of Mary and Joseph readily comes to mind. They were engaged to be married when God visited Mary to inform her that He would want to use her body, and beyond that, her home, to raise His only Son.

This makes me wonder, if God wanted to send someone special to the earth again, would He find my home, or your home, ideal?
Please stop and think about this for a moment before you go on.

God knew they would teach Him to pray. God knew they would take Him to the temple to worship. God knew they would raise Him to be disciplined, compassionate etc. God knew He could entrust them with raising Jesus to be godly rather than worldly.

So stop and ask yourself again, if God wanted to send someone special to the earth, can He trust my spouse and I with that rare gift?

  • Are you and your spouse committed to living a life of purity or are you constantly tempting the limits of sin?
  • Are you prayerfully ensuring that your home or home to be, is soaked in God’s presence?
  • Are you and your spouse dedicated to the service of God’s kingdom?
  • Do you have a good and godly relationship with each other, or will God’s son constantly witness malice, railings, fighting, vulgarity etc?
  • Do you have a relationship with God that is worth emulating, such that, without words, the children God gives to you, will love to know and serve your God?

You should know for a fact, that every child you bear is a Jesus in the making, because He ordained marriage for the raising of godly seeds. Malachi 2: 15a.

How you raise them is crucial to God’s purpose on the earth, will you fail God?

I just want you to ruminate on this as you celebrate love with that special someone the rest of this week.

Can you give your courtship/home as a love seed for God to use to raise His end time army?


Until next week,😎

With all my love❤️

Mrs O😊

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