4 life lessons my weight loss experience taught me.

This year I set out with a simple weight loss goal, to go from the 203lbs I weighed on delivery morning to 150lbs by baby’s first birthday which is quite reasonable.

Look where I’m coming from 😁

I also had a simple plan to achieve that goal, a high protein low carb diet and at least 4 times weekly exercise. While I believe the diet is the major source of my weight loss, the exercise routine was a life changer for me.

Here’s how:


The first thing my exercise routine taught me is the power of consistency. Prior to this year, I’ve been on and off at most things. It saddens me to say I pretty much give up when something doesn’t seem to be working the way I expect it to.

Exercise changed that. At first I couldn’t do one single push up, no not one. But I knew I could not afford to give up and accept that my body will always be that weak and unfit, so I pushed on. I kept working at it daily, while nothing seemed to change, because I was determined to see a change… And I did. Now I can do 20 push ups with rest in between.

UPDATE (NOV 2022): I can now do 60 push ups (10 reps, 6 sets)💃🏽 and HIIT are my new favorite!

However, the main benefit of sticking to my exercise routine was that it showed me how to stick to my writing plan, even when it seemed like no one was reading. And as I became consistent, the blog grew from 1 follower who is a very close friend and has followed from 6 years ago to 68 followers💃🏽.

Another thing is I wrote and I posted articles consistently for a year while having the full time job of raising two kids! I really became a writer!

This consistency also spilled into my spiritual life with a more consistent word study and prayer lifestyle. Hallelujah 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


I’m not there yet, but I’m enjoying the journey and the growth!

As an introvert, I am very self reflective. I am always thinking of how I could have done something better or said something better. I’m always seeing what I could do better rather than what I’m doing good at the moment. This may seem okay as it helps one improve, but it can be demoralizing if you don’t stop once in a while to tell yourself “you’re doing okay”.

Exercise changed that. Even before my body started changing, the mere fact that I stuck to this routine was one clear thing that I was doing well and that I could celebrate about myself. Then as my smaller dresses started fitting, boy😁😁💃🏽💃🏽, I learnt to celebrate and appreciate myself a little bit more. I could say to myself “Wonu, I’m proud of you”.

Everyday that I exercise is a day I can celebrate as a small win! I did it today!

And every time I read a comment from Funlola, Tej, Tee (Taiwo), Oyinda, amidst loads of likes from all my esteemed followers, best believe, it puts a big smile on my face and I celebrate it as a win! 💃🏽. Thank you!


Sometimes, I fall off the band wagon. Could be that my kids need a little extra loving, I have some appointments or I’m just plain tired etc, and I missed 2/3 days of exercise. Do I give up? Nope.

My body now craves exercise because I’m used to it and that way it taught me the power of continuity. Even when there seems to be no time, I just get down and do 10 push ups, because now I just must do something.

Of course, this has helped me as a blogger. Even when I miss a week’s post, I don’t jump off the wagon, I start working towards the next week and even plan 2 weeks ahead, because I just must do it now. Continuity with my exercise routine pushes me to keep writing.


I now feel good beside my husband’s great body 😂😂😂. Oh merry Christmas btw 😁

I couldn’t do it all by myself. It took my chief exercise motivator, Mr O, to keep me going. Since he lives with me, lol, I am constantly checked on, motivated, applauded, celebrated which has in no small way kept me going.

Also, weight loss experts like Brittany Lee, Adebusola Adegbola Adefeso, were a good source of motivation for me. From Brittany’s exercise posts to Busola’s diet tips, it was constant inspiration. Thank you!

Exercise showed me the power of company. So I’m seeking a good company of writers 😂, specifically about godly Courtship&marriage. Hit me up in the comments pls, I’m available for a mutually benefitting friendship 😁.

In summary, it took a determination to live healthy and look good, for me to commit to frequent exercising. And I am so glad I did.

One of the motivation dresses my husband bought for me while I was still pregnant, was super stoked when I finally fit it .

So yes, sticking to my simple exercise routine was the best decision I made in 2021!

Just thought to share this to inspire you on your journey. Courtship&marriage posts resume next week.

Hey, I’m Mrs O, sharing on building godly relationships is my great delight, follow this blog to learn more.

Until next week,😎

With all my love❤️

Mrs O😊

4 thoughts on “4 life lessons my weight loss experience taught me.”

  1. Happy Christmas 🎄 Mrs O. This post inspired me to do some push-ups before writing a comment. And I absolutely agree: it’s a great leg up for writers to be in the company of other writers. Hope you have a great time over the holidays.


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