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Letters to my (imaginary) single friend Pt 1.

Dear Cantu,

I remember a time when I was in Bible school. I was in the third and final level of the school and I met a married woman who was just starting level one. We got talking and she was wishing she could do all 3 levels as quickly as I did them, but with two young kids, she barely could keep up with level one.

I couldn’t empathize because then I didn’t understand her situation. Now I do. And I’m glad I used my single season to the best of my ability, given the knowledge and opportunities I had then.

I understand the desire to be married. I’ve been there, but haven been here on the married side for quite a little bit, I have seen that the best thing you can do for yourself as a single person waiting to be married is to deepen your relationship with God.

Your greatest asset during this single season, is the opportunity to build/deepen your spirituality.

If you cannot tell when God is speaking to you, you’re sometimes not sure if it’s God you hear or just your own mind, then seize the freedom of this time to work on that.

Make it your daily desire to know God more intimately, to the point where He would even tell you why you aren’t married and what exactly to do to connect with the right one for you.

If you cannot consistently build a relationship with the lover of your soul by daily prayer and word study, whether you feel like it or not, then your feelings are still largely in control of your choices, and that can even lead you into the wrong relationship.

Here’s my advice to you:

This new year, focus on deepening a relationship with your first love – God. Organize your daily schedule to prioritize seeking Him (if it means sleeping earlier to wake up earlier). Ask Him questions and expect answers. Be intent not just on getting your needs met but on getting to know Him and getting accustomed to His voice.

I know this is something you’ve probably heard before, but look at it this way, if the question “is this the right person for me?” still bothers your mind when you’re getting to know someone, then it means you haven’t adequately connected to yourself to the only one who can answer it because He knows your future.

I hope to write to you again soon.

Until next week,😎

With all my love❤️

Mrs O😊

P.S: If you are single and have any questions or concern about courtship or marriage, feel free to send me a personal message using the form below. I would love to be of help.

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4 thoughts on “Letters to my (imaginary) single friend Pt 1.”

    1. Loool Funlola. Thank you too. I’d like to know other members of the single ladies association if you don’t mind, so I can be a blessing to them too.


      1. I don’t mind though. But it seems those single people I know now are about to be hitched soon.
        I’m like the last woman standing 😇


      2. Lool okay o if you say so. But you can share the blog posts with them though. Even if they get hitched soon, the things shared here will still be relevant to them. And don’t worry, God will settle you.


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