Courtship /Marriage

What I’ve been reading.

I’m an avid book reader (in case you don’t know). I read to relax, to learn, and also to be inspired. Of course, I love reading about marriage and all it entails.

I’ve been reading “Conflict resolution for couples” by Paul Shaffer and I came across this insightful and thought provoking list. Pls think about each point and see if your relationship measures up and how to adjust if it doesn’t.

Thought provoking piece!

A relationship of depth involves:

  • Intentional time with our partners where the focus is on interaction not passive activity.
  • Finding new ways to actively explore life and each other.
  • Having shared goals for a common future.
  • Showing interest in our partners’ feelings, thoughts and dreams.
  • Involving our partner in our own internal lives
  • Continuing to grow mentally and spiritually together – through classes, seminars, travel, events, books and dialogue.
  • Continuing to involve ourselves with the outside world rather than isolating ourselves to our jobs and home.
  • Having a mutual sense of purpose and meaning in life.
  • Remaining vulnerable, open and honest with each other.
  • Remaining actively aware and respectful of each other’s needs.

If you want to improve the depth of your relationship but don’t know where to start, I suggest you sit with him/her and turn each of the above to a question.

In time I hope to share my own thoughts on them.

Until next week,😎

With all my love❤️

Mrs O😊

P.S: Do you have any questions or concerns about your courtship/marriage? Feel free to send me a private message using the form below.

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