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4 relationship lessons from my blender.

I love how the Holy Spirit uses the simple things in my environment to teach me about relationships.

I bought my blender based on recommendation from my mom. She told me how good it was and how I can blend anything with it. Her recommendation was good enough for me, so I did no research of my own ( I mean does anyone research blenders?)

As with most common household equipments, of course it came with a manual, and of course I threw that in the garbage right along with the box, because who needs a manual to operate a blender?

Well, everything seemed to be working fine at first, then a few months after, my blender started misbehaving. It’d blend for thirty seconds then stop working and all the lights will just be blinking like my eyes, lol.

This became a very frustrating experience for me and I started to dread blending times, because what should take me just thirty minutes will end up taking about two hours.

Until that fateful day when I looked at the mls on my blender and realized I was overloading it 😂. I mean I always saw it there, but who takes that seriously?

1) Recommendations are good, research is better.

Don’t go into a serious relationship based solely on someone’s recommendation of himself or other people’s opinions about him. Conduct your own research.

Ask questions and make observations to ensure words match actions. Do your best to make sure this person suits your needs for a lifetime partner.

2) Read the manual.

Relationships are so common, so we all believe we have the natural sense to make it work. This is the mindset that sets people up for failed relationships (and broken blenders).

Study the Bible for relationship insights. Study relationship books by people who have studied the word. Attend relationship seminars. Get premarital counseling. Subscribe for relationship tips. Open yourself up to learning, because what you don’t know, you won’t know until you learn!

Are you preparing to get married? Things will go smoothly when you are intentional about preparing spiritually.

Get “Prayer Guide for Intending Couples” so you can enjoy provisions, favor, protection etc. as you prepare for your wedding and the marriage after.

Get a free copy here.

3) Your partner may not be problem.

I was planning to change my blender, I probably still will because perhaps, I’ve already damaged it. But the blender was never the problem, I was the one misusing it.

Unless you fix your ignorance problem, changing partners won’t help you. Either you keep meeting and dating the same kind of wrong people, or you meet great people and still be clueless about how to build a great relationship with them.

That takes us back to lesson 2 – find opportunities to learn. An easy way to do this is to subscribe for weekly relationship tips. It costs you nothing, yet you enjoy access to tips and tools that can keep your relationship growing beautifully. Subscribe here.

4) Find solutions to overcome frustrations.

I don’t know why I just kept managing my blender. Probably the same reason you keep managing a relationship that is clearly not working.

The answer to both situations is clear. Answer these questions for yourself: “why is this not working?”, “ Can I fix it? If yes, how?”

You shouldn’t be “managing” something that is supposed to last your lifetime.

That’s it for today.

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Until next week,

With all my love,

Mrs O.

Avoid the unnecessary stress and heartache of learning by negative experiences, by subscribing to learn relationship tips and tools that will make your love life easier and more beautiful. Subscribe here.

8 thoughts on “4 relationship lessons from my blender.”

  1. Honestly, I agree with you about making findings, studying, researching, mark attendance at seminars just to know how to make a relationship work.
    But I’m curious about people who don’t have to do this much before getting into a relationship and they’re working things out like a team (both in relationships or marriage). Do they have special body cream & soap?? 😩


    1. Loool. The same way we wonder about people who don’t read in school yet they somehow pass…
      Honestly I believe excellence can only be achieved through intentional effort and relationships are no different.
      Yes some people will surely get by doing the minimum, but a great relationship is always a result of intentional acquisition of knowledge and practice of the same.
      So do you want to just get by or do you want a great relationship.
      Keep in mind also that you can never really know how a relationship is just by observing it from the outside.


  2. Who knew blender could teach relationship lessons?!
    And valid ones for that matter… I’m amazed.
    Many times we just patch things through when we can actually look for the problem and fix it. Thanks Mrs.O


    1. Indeed we do, because to fix something, we must first admit to ourselves that there is a problem, then we must admit that it is an evidence of ignorance in us or a defect in our character. It is hard to make these admissions alone. Then we must be intentional about finding a solution to the problem, even though it may cost us money and maybe even the relationship. This is why people patch things. But at the end of the day patching things cost us our peace, joy, progress, growth and sometimes even the relationship eventually.


  3. This is mind blowing, but the naked undiluted truth. I have learnt that we need to always ask genuine questions in order to find lasting solutions. Thank you for this piece. Will definitely share.

    Liked by 1 person

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