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3 lessons from love is blind II

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One of the things I do to relax is watch love movies, stories, anything love related. I’m a lover of love. Therefore, it wasn’t a huge surprise when I was fascinated by the love is blind series. That said, there are some things I would never agree with or advise anyone to go along with, for example, a honeymoon before the wedding to supposedly see if a physical attraction can match the emotional connection built is nothing but fornication, and that is a sin!

Imagine my shock when they announced another show that will be airing soon, that will promote a different kind of fornication. At that moment, I decided, these kinds of shows are not for me, and I will not spend valuable time anymore watching any of such.

However, since I already watched Love is Blind season II, I can make it worthwhile by bringing out 3 things you can learn from the show to make better decisions in your love life.

Behind the scenes of my YouTube video😁

1) Seeking a life partner is a fact finding mission!

I love how the participants were given notes to jot down anything of interest about their dates. I believe this enhanced their focus on asking the important questions, or at least the things that were important to them.

When I was in a courtship, I had a note where I wrote down questions I would ask my boyfriend on our next date, his responses to previous questions and things that I noticed about him. Some people might say that is taking things too seriously, but I don’t joke with my heart nor with a lifetime commitment and I don’t think you should either.

Don’t just go on outings for the fun of it or simply to fan the flames of emotional attraction, ask questions about anything and everything, and take note of the answers! Sometimes people can be deceptive and tell us what they think we want to hear, at other times though, it’s just us having this image of them in our heads and not taking note of what they are actually saying.

2) Focus more on the character, personality, shared interests, goals and values, than on physical looks.

That was the whole idea of the pods, to take away the physical component that we all know is very distracting and focus more on who a person really is.

Of course, I do not believe that the few days they spent getting to know several people at the same time is enough to uncover a person’s true character, but it’s just a point worth taking note of.

Whether you like it or not, looks will change, they may get better or worse, but one thing about character is that it hardly changes substantially, except by a divine intervention.

Here’s a scripture to think on : “…even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.” 2Corinthians 4:16.

No matter what you do to it, the outer man has only one destination – dust, so though it is important to take care of yourself physically and it carries some importance to be physically attracted to your spouse, a person who takes more care or pays more attention to the outer than the inner is investing in a failed enterprise.

3) Save sex for marriage.

Isn’t that an obvious lesson to learn? A higher percentage of them had intercourse and ended up saying “I don’t”. Even if they all said “I do”, it still doesn’t justify fornication.

Save yourself for the one who will value you enough to wait. Save yourself for the one who will understand that sexual intercourse is spiritually binding and therefore should never be seen as casual. Save yourself for someone who is intentional about obeying God with you, even though it’s hard, so that when the going gets rough, they won’t bail on you.

Let his willingness and determination to wait be a true test of his character and his love. This is not to say that all those who save sex for marriage have it easy, there are so many other components to make a marriage work, the point is ,on this issue of sex, choose to obey God! Obedience to God is a choice and it is a skill that is honed by practice.

Until next week,😎

With all my love❤️

Mrs O😊

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