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Is it okay to talk about sex in a Christian relationship?

Disclaimer: This post does not attempt to cover every aspect of discussing sex in courtship, it is basically a direct, straight to the point answer to a question asked.

Let’s get into it:

No discussion should be off limits to two people who are planning to spend the rest of their lives together, so I do not believe it is wrong to discuss sexual desires or expectations during courtship. In actual fact, it is probably necessary to discuss sexual expectations because your sexual life is also a part of the life you are planning to build together.

However, a lot of caution need to be applied. Here are some things to consider before engaging in a discussion about sex:

1. The duration of the courtship:

if you just started courting or if you know marriage is still at least about a year away, why do you want to talk about sex now? It could be because you are more focused on your physical and emotional attraction to your intended. It could be because you are driven by lust at that point in time. It could be because you lack self control.

There are several other issues in your present day to day life that you can and you should talk about, there are several other conversations you need to have to be able to determine whether this courtship should lead to marriage, and of course there are several other aspects of the future you are planning together, that you should talk about e.g spiritual unity, finances, parenting, in law relationships, vision/purpose etc.

What difference will talking about sex make at the point where you’re at in your relationship? Is it going to be a deal breaker or maker? You need to be able to answer that question.

2. The location of the conversation:

If your courtship is at a point where the decision to be married has been made, having considered spirituality, finances, character, emotional and social compatibility, consent of both families, and you both are inclined to talk about your sexual expectations, that’s great.

However, it should be done in a public setting. I would not advise you to talk about sex, alone and behind closed doors, you may not be able to control yourselves. It could also be done in the presence of a seasoned and godly marriage counselor.

Do not tempt yourself under the guise that we are going to be married and need to talk about this. You may not be able to control your desires. Remember scriptures says “Flee sexual immorality”, (1Corinthians6:18) so you shouldn’t be making room for it to happen.

3. The details of the conversation:

What exactly do you want to know and why? What questions exactly do you want to ask? If you just go with the flow, you might end up with an unending conversation about your sexual desires or unedifying talks about sex, fanning the flames of a desire you can’t legitimately fulfill. Be wise.

I do not believe anything useful will come out of asking a guy how long or big his penis is, or asking a girl how freaky she can get? I mean will knowing that information cause you to back out of the courtship? Yes, the answers may excite you, but will they edify you?

All thing are lawful(that is, morally legitimate, permissible), but not all things are beneficial or advantageous. All things are lawful, but not all things are constructive ( to character) and edifying (to spiritual life)

1Corinthians 10:23(AMPLIFIED BIBLE)

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.


So yes, it is permissible for you to discuss sexual expectations as a part of preparing for your future together, but you must ensure that the things you say in that discussion will only build and strengthen you and your intended, not weaken you and cause you to sin against God and your bodies.

Here are a few questions I suppose you and your intended could answer for each other:

  • What does sexual purity in courtship/marriage mean to you?
  • In what specific ways do you think we can keep this courtship sexually pure so as to obey God?
  • What does sex in marriage mean to you?
  • What are your sexual expectations from me when I become your husband/wife?
  • How would you respond to a situation where I’m unable to meet your expectations?
  • What sexual activities do you consider off limits?
  • Have you been sexually active in the past? If yes, what steps have you taken or are you taking to be free from those attachments (spiritually, emotionally, mentally)? Sex is a powerful mystery and the attachments formed through it don’t just disappear, they have to be consciously done away with through Gods help.

I believe these questions can give you an overview of your intended’s mindset about sex, which is really what you need.

Telling your intended how much you desire to be sexually involved with him or her is not something I’d consider helpful. I’ve been there and at some point I realized that when I control my mouth and keep such information to myself, yes I may be burning inside but by refusing to spread the fire to him, I’m helping us not to be consumed. And isn’t that the first duty of a wife : to help, not to hurt.

In conclusion, I understand that we are emotional and sexual beings and will always be intrigued by sex especially when we’ve not experienced it at all or with a particular person, so it will not be unusual to find yourself wondering or desiring…

If you’re having trouble controlling your sexual desires, click here to download FREE pages of the sexual purity devotional. In this devotional, I give you the tools that helped me overcome sexual temptations and addictions as a single lady.

Until next week😎,

With all my love❤️,

Mrs O☺️

3 thoughts on “Is it okay to talk about sex in a Christian relationship?”

  1. This post on discussing sex in courtship is really an eye opener and i have understood that there are some questions that are meant to be asked in an appropriate manner so as not to stir up things that are not meant to be… Thank you so much for this post, i know better now and i intend to practice what i have read in my next relationship… God bless you.


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