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3 important relationship advice for ladies.

During our couple devotion a few days ago, my husband dropped some nuggets that I believe will be a blessing to singles who are hoping for a godly relationship and fulfilling marriage.


He said “marriage is a three fold cord – husband, wife and God. When the third cord(God) is missing, it may look like it’s still a knot, but any little pressure will tear it apart”.

As ladies, we all know the difference between a twist and a braid. Twists look beautiful and they are my personal preference. However when we want an hair style that lasts for a long time, we know braids is the way to go.

Advice #1

The fact that a guy is nice, generous, caring and is an occasional church goer etc. should not be a reason to commit to him, if he is not a PRACTICING Christian. Good is not the same thing as godly. A godly man is a man who chooses to live continually in obedience to the written word of God in all aspects of his life.

When some challenges of life hit, God is the only one you can count on to hold your marriage together, not any good qualities either of you may have.

If you’ve ever lost your cool to anger, then you know you are not good enough to keep yourself from acting bad sometimes, only God can keep you and only God can keep your marriage.

couples, marriage

He further said “couples need to watch out for things that break a marriage apart such as friends, family, distractions, ambitions”. I want to focus on the ambitions part.

Advice #2

As a single person, it’s highly important that you marry someone who evidently aims as high as you do.

If you just want to live comfortably, have food to eat, clothes to wear, etc., marry someone who shares just that desire.

If you aspire to more, say leadership in some area of life, be it business, politics, religion, please marry someone who wants to go that high as well and doesn’t see it as too much stress.

Here’s why, if you and your spouse aren’t aiming high together, one person will be left behind or one person will be grossly unfulfilled, either of these situations make for an unhappy marriage, affairs outside of marriage, then divorce or separations.

break up, deal breaker

Don’t marry someone who will douse your fire, choose someone who will burn with you.

Omowonuola Omoghene

When you do get married, never forget that the union is more important than the individual.

Yes your dreams are valid, but you are not the only one in the equation anymore, so when pursuing personal dreams, ensure that your spouse is on the same page with you.

“I do recognize the value of individuals having their own interests, ambitions, and dreams, but I don’t believe that the pursuit of one person’s dreams should come at the expense of the couple.”

Michelle Obama

Advice #3

Most importantly, be intentional about keeping God in your marriage, by seeking God together, no matter how busy life gets. And this of course starts from courtship.

If he is someone you can’t even pray with, then he is someone you have no business getting married to.

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Which of these three advices resonates the most with you? Let me know in the comments.

Until next week,

With all my love,

Mrs O.

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