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My worries are NOTHING!

The past few days I have felt overwhelmed with various negative emotions ranging from regret to defeat. Not knowing exactly what to do to have my desires met was a constant source of frustration. If you’ve ever experienced this, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.

I did what most people would do, try to talk to others about my frustrations, hoping some kind word will lift my spirit. However, I quickly learned that no one on the outside can give you a permanent fix for your emotional issues.

It may work for a while, put a smile on your face, but eventually when you’re left alone, that monster of distraught rares its ugly head again. Besides, people, no matter how much they care will soon tire of listening to you worry over the same issue again and again.

So I rose up to pray (in my usual manner) but this time, the Holy Spirit whispered, “after your prayer, engage in praises“. And that was a turning point…..

You see you can worry while you pray, having your thoughts go back and forth, pondering on how your expectations will be met, but you can never worry while you praise.

In praise, your whole attention shifts from your concerns and sorrows to the mightiness of your God. In praise, you see no obstacles, you see miracles. In praise, you are made conscious of what your God can do and this lifts your spirit more than any kind word ever can.

The night before, I had said to my husband “I don’t know what else to do”, but as I stood in praises, just twirling before my God, I realised, that was all I needed to do – demonstrate my trust in praises!

I don’t know what your situation may be. But one thing I know is this, when you hit that point of overwhelm, feeling stuck and not knowing what to do, the most potent weapon to engage is praise.

Just decide to lay it all down and dig it before your God. Let His praises intoxicate you to the point where you forget all your troubles and see only His power, and you will soon find that in the great scheme of things, your worries are NOTHING!

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