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Named by God.

Have you ever noticed how when people relocate to a foreign land, they try to adopt a new name or someone in that new environment gives them a new name /nickname, usually one that is easier for the people in this new environment to pronounce.

Well, it’s always been happening, even in Bible times. Daniel, Mishael, Hananiah and Azariah got their names changed by the prince of the eunuchs in Babylon. Daniel 1:6-7. Perhaps because they were now in Babylon and needed to have Babylonian names…. Perhaps so they could fit in…..

But these four Hebrew boys refused to let the new names given to them change who they were, who they had been raised to be, who God had called them to be. Over and again, they lived up to their true identity – Children of the Most High God.

You see names are important! Far more important than we fail to acknowledge or live aware of. God knew this, so He changed Abram to Abraham, He changed Sarai to Sarah, He changed Jacob to Israel.

A name does more than identifying you, a name defines you. A name has the capacity to determine your destiny and the experiences of your life, classic example – Jabez.

So it’s not surprising that the world always tries to define us by the names they give to us. They may call you a name in a bid to make life easy for themselves, or to fit you into a category, or to describe you based on their own minute understanding of who they think you are.

But when Jehovah names us, He calls us into our destiny based on His infinite wisdom and limitless understanding of who He created us to be, who He knows us to be. When Jehovah names us, He doesn’t try to describe our situation or circumstance, He calls forth His agenda for our lives. Glory!

It’s now up to us to decide whether to agree with God and begin to call ourselves as we are named by God, or to agree with the world and describe and define ourselves by whatever names they use to describe us.

God has named you! In His word, lies a perfect description of who you truly are, irrespective of where you are in your life right now.

If you don’t discover that name and begin to call yourself by it, you will never live up to it. You will keep fitting in with the world’s description of you, which is at best, a minute portion of who you truly are, and at worst, the complete opposite of who you are and what you’re capable of.

The world may have called you barren, reject it.

They may have called you lazy, reject it.

They may have called you sick, reject it.

They may called you poor, unfit, incapable etc, reject it.

They may call you lonely and incomplete (simply because you are NOT YET married), well you better tell them that you are complete in Him(Colossians 2:10), accepted in the beloved(Ephesians 1:6), your Heavenly Father named you Beulah and you will be married(Isaiah 62:4).

Do not accept the names the world uses to describe you, begin to pray today, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal your true name to you, your identity. Because before the world existed, God knew you and He named you!

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