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What six beautiful years of courtship has taught me!

wpid-vgiqfh47eohgnrihd_2t7iujovpedh093n0vkvqklrakwmw8op9ul1j94itshf8qach2t2u15i56_ttnrbrsnjyvjnh8hxozapjhcenb29f3viu7oogmh_tznwuuurn7zumw399-h369-nc.jpeg.jpeg2) Choose the right patner : Life is a journey and so is love. It’s not a journey to be embarked on alone, but it’s so much better to be alone than to be with someone who isn’t right for you. I think the issue with most girls when it concerns this particular point is that in making our choice, we tend to focus more on the superficial than on what is really needed.

Don’t choose someone based on ephemeral things such as how much money he has or his good looks, all these things will pass away. Choose a man of godly character, character is lasting. Ask yourself these questions : Is he devoted to God? (if he is then he will be to you too). Is he committed to his pursuits? (buisness, career, etc). Is he patient? Does he have self control?

I cannot over emphasize this point because I’ve enjoyed six beautiful years of courtship with a man of solid character. He will fill your days with love and peace. He may not exactly fit your list as regards finances and appearance when you first meet him, but choosing to invest in him is a wise choice, you’d reap the dividends all the days of your life.

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