A rare and beautiful treasure.


wpid-our_imagination1024.jpgThere is this picture i see often. It’s so clear in my mind that I see it the exact same way each time. Allow me to share it with you: I’m old, really old, and I’ve been invited to speak to young women. The venue was jam packed, and soon it was my turn to go up the podium. My darling husband is with me and we hold hands as we help each other up the stage. The first thing I did when I picked the microphone is sing ” great is thy faithfulness”…….
God has gifted each one of us with a rare and beautiful treasure, it’s the ability to see that which our natural eyes haven’t seen. And the beautiful thing about this gift is that whatever we fix our mind’s gaze on, our natural eyes will eventually behold. A wise man once said “Your life will ultimately go in the direction of your most dominant thoughts.”


Young woman, what do you spend your time imagining? How have you been using this rare and beautiful treasure? Do you spend your time thinking about how things might not go the way you want or how you might have to endure, or how your relationship might go bad or how things are not just working?
Do not ever allow your mind to paint a picture that you don’t want to see become a reality. Rather,  check God’s word and begin to picture everything He has said concerning you coming to pass. Begin to see yourself succeed, begin to see yourself being in a beautiful godly relationship, begin to see your peaceful home and the love between you and your in-laws. Begin to see your godly, healthy, obedient children.
The more you dwell on those thoughts, the more opportunities will open up to you to see your thoughts become realities.
If you don’t believe me, believe the one “who can do exceedingly above all you can ask or think(IMAGINE)! Ephesians3:20.Sister,dare to imagine!

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