Discover your true value!

A story was once told of a princess Aida that was captured and taken to a foreign land.All her expensive garments and jewelry were taken from her,and rags were put on her.But inspite of all that,a soldier keeping the prisoners still recognized her as the princess.Royalty is not in clothes,its in the blood!
Discover your true value.Its not in your clothes,shoes or money in the bank,your true value lies within you!Until you know who you are,you’d never know what you’re worth,and until you know what you’re worth,you’d never know what you deserve,and if you don’t know what you deserve,how would you demand for it?Life answers to demand.
Study the creator’s manual—The Bible,to discover your true identity,so that life can give to you all that you demand from it in 2015.God bless you!.

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