The blessing!

    Everyone of us at one time or the other have been blessed by parents,pastors,friends,from the word etc.These people have spoken gracious words of blessings into our life and even into 2015 and we are hoping those words manifest.
    Well,the blessing×nothing=nothing!You may have a blessing spoken over you for 2015,but if you do nothing the blessing won’t speak.Abraham was blessed in all(the) things(he did),Genesis24:1,Isaac was blessed in his business as well,Genesis26:12-14 etc.
    The blessing doesn’t make something out of nothing.Without labour,grace is in vain,1corinthians15:10.The blessing is not a substitute for work,rather work makes the presence of the blessing evident.So in this new year,find something to do(if you don’t have a regular job,polish and begin trading your talents),and do it with all your heart,expecting the blessing(not just your salary),and you shall not miss it!2015 will be all that you expect and more in Jesus name.Jesus loves you!

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