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Married to imperfections

Have you noticed that most married women whose marriages are worth emulating, have a common practice? They scarcely talk about their husband’s faults. I suppose this is in line with the scripture that says “love will COVER a multitude of sins”. 1Peter 4:8(NKJV).

She may even more willingly talk about the sacrifices he’s made for her, how he forgives and covers her shortcomings, defends and protects her etc. This doesn’t mean that he is a man void of errors too.

Dear single lady, you must realize that, the fact that the married woman, (whose marriage you desire to emulate) never talks about her spouse’s imperfections doesn’t mean that she is married to a perfect man.

It is simply noble and even biblical to esteem others (her husband included) better than herself. Philippians 2:3.

To have a happy home, you must come to terms with the fact that there is no perfect man but Jesus. We are all a work in progress, working and walking towards perfection.

Do not go into marriage subconsciously expecting that your spouse will not hurt your feelings. Do not go into marriage expecting that he’d make the right choices all the time. Some choices may not even be wrong, they are just not to right to you. Actively prepare your mind to discover his imperfections, to experience his failings as a human. By so doing, you will be more willing to forgive and move on.

Sometimes to easily let go of offense, I am reminded that my husband has never been a husband before. He is learning through our marriage, how to love his wife and make decisions in the best interest of our family while still reaching out to help others.

No marriage is perfect. Many of the people whose marriages are worth emulating have probably shed a few tears because of each other. Some may have raised voices a few times. Many have stood on opposing sides to a decision.

They however, have learnt to forgive, grow, compromise and find a common ground amidst it all. They have fought for and are continually willing to fight for their love, friendship and marriage based on God’s word.

No marriage is perfect!

Do not compare your spouse or intended to anyone because you don’t know what they are going through and how they are fighting with a dogged commitment to keep their love alive. Comparison is a robber of joy. Do not compare, focus on yours and fight for yours.

Comparison is a robber of joy!

4 thoughts on “Married to imperfections”

  1. Beautifully written. Today, being too expectant of a fellow human being and seeing them as flawless brings untold sadness. Offences are bound to occur,imperfections is part of our human lot on this side of eternity. How I wish we would stop comparing ourselves with ourselves, HMMM! The result will just be nothing but sadness, discontentment etc.


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