Dream on (6).

     I hate to break this to you,but the truth is some dreams aren’t worth keeping.If you’re in doubt,ask Gehazi who wanted to be rich by all means.if you don’t know who Gehazi is,quickly flip the pages of your bible to 2kings chapter 5 and read the interesting story.(hey,open it,it isn’t that hard to do).
     In case you’re still wondering what dreams I’m talking about,here are some: selfish dreams-that holds no benefit for anyone else,wicked dreams-the kind that Haman planned for the Jews,boko haram for Nigeria etc.If your dream will steal the peace,break a home,kill a soul,or benefit only you,it isn’t worth it,lose that dream!

1 thought on “Dream on (6).”

  1. Thanks for convincing me to read the bible passage! Cuz I haven’t just learnt about how useless greed is, I also learnt how useful total obedience to God is no matter how senseless his instructions sound… God bless you ma!


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