Dream on (5).

   Still on dreams,because dreams are very important.We all are one way or the other benefiting from other people’s dreams.How else can I keep my dream alive and on the path of fulfilment,you may ask?keep company with other dreamers!yeah that’s how.Some of us still don’t know how to choose our friends(people we confide in),well here’s one trait you should look for esp if you have a dream.
    I have been truly blessed by my dreamer friends damilola and iyanu.Dami kept nudging me about opening this blog.And sometimes just by listening to her share her dreams,(and some are already a reality),I’m inspired!.Iyanu on the other hand told me in january that she was going to invest in cakes and foods,and by August,she baked me the most amazing birthday cake ever!im still waiting on the food aspect(laughs).
These set of friends would do two things for you: listen to your dream and offer words of nourishment and challenge you to fulfil it by fulfilling theirs.Time spent with a dreamer is never time wasted,its time invested.

11 thoughts on “Dream on (5).”

    1. Well,having a dream is different from just imagining things,but there’s also the place of imaginations in dreams,you can read my previous posts on that.


  1. And we should also turn our dreams into GOALS by setting a time frame to achieve it, else it will keep being a dream.


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