6 things I have in common with my mom.

It was my mom’s 60th birthday on Monday and while I wish I could write 60 lessons I’ve learned from her life, lol, I’m still trying to grow that deep.

Here are 6 things however that I find we share in common ( I do not like the last one).

KNOWLEDGE: I fell in love with books through my mother’s eyes. She used to love reading novels as a young lady and I suppose that just passed straight into me. Our love for novels have since translated into reading more edifying content. And yes, she used to get on my nerves, by going through my books like they are hers, lol.

TRUE FRIENDSHIP : In this world of so much pretense, I’m glad I got this one. We either share the same values and are friends, or we don’t and are not. We don’t throw the word “friend” around carelessly, so we don’t have many friends, lol. We can be good to you and offer help when you need it, this does not make us your friend or your enemy, we’re just a good “neighbor”. We discern intent and build relationships based on that.

HONESTY: As a child, I took some change from my mom’s purse and bought some cookies. I didn’t consider it stealing so when she came in, I told her. She tasted the cookies, and immediately sent me back to her purse to go buy more so we can eat together. What! She rewarded my honesty instead of focusing on my wrong and that has stayed with me forever!

Of course she probably did that because she knows I’m not a big snack eater so it’s not like it can become an addiction, or perhaps she responded that way for reasons best known to her. However, that experience must be a strong contributor to why I value honesty. Tell me the truth and hurt me, but pls don’t lie to me.

SERVICE : she is and has always been dedicated to serving God. Following every instruction from the word and from the altar. Her commitment to service did certainly earn her criticisms on occasion, but she has never looked back. I believe this is that one thing at her core that holds it all together.

SIMPLICITY : At our core, my mom and I are just simple people. We typically will choose comfortable over fashionable, even though we do try to look our best. We are not impressed by material things and can’t be bought. You won’t find us under layers of make-up and that makes us the “realest” people you would ever meet.

FORGETTING NAMES AND FACES: I do not like this one. We have to have met you a number of times for you to register, lol. So if we walk by you without saying hi, we are not snobs, we just don’t remember you 😂. I’ve walked by one of my in laws without knowing 😂. We have to keep working on this, we just have to. Oh well my mom is probably not motivated to improve on that anymore, she’s 60, lol.

These are 6things I share with my mom. Tell me one thing you share with your mom in the comments. I’d love to hear it.

PS : Don’t leave without following this blog. Posts on Courtship / Marriage continues next week!

6 thoughts on “6 things I have in common with my mom.”

  1. Nice one Cousin, may God continue to increase your wisdom. I definitely salute your mum’s courage and perseverance especially with losing her spouse at a rather young age, but we bless God for being with her. Two things I definitely know I share with my mum, is her voice and her complexion. I think we are so different in our choice of friends and how we relate with other people but we are definitely very blunt people, who do not put up a decoy or appearance to make something bad look better. I am still getting wisdom to be diplomatic with my honesty especially in the workplace. It is well…do have a great day!


    1. Yaaay, my cousin is here again. Yeah I think you really do sound like your mom now that I think of it. Lol @ the no decoy to make something bad look better, lol, I know right, that your way of saying “but you know this thing you did is bad”(in yoruba) 😂. Yeah we all have to learn to speak the truth, in love! Thanks so much again for stopping by.


  2. Yes everything she said was through we share some characters and I used to tell her that we are the most normal because we are not faking it God bless you my lovely daughter more wisdom from above in Jesus name


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