This season…..

All I am this season is grateful! Grateful for one singular reason – that I’m alive!

Alive to enjoy the season with these special ones…..

While God did bless me in many other tangible ways this year, without blessing me with life, those other blessings would be useless to me.

Life is the greatest blessing of all. For without life you will have no need of all the other blessings God gives, like, salvation, good health, peace, prosperity, a spouse, children, material blessings etc. Only the living can enjoy and benefit from all these.

So perhaps you recorded some losses in 2020, pls accept my sympathy. Still however, you are greatly blessed to be alive and well enough to read this. You can choose not to focus on your loss but on your blessing.

With life, is the hope of restoration and recovery.

And I pray that 2021 will be a year of recovery in many ways for us all.

In the meantime, you can be grateful for one thing – you have life! And this is enough reason to be hopeful, to smile, to be grateful. And as you choose to be grateful, the God of restoration shall surely visit you!

Compliments of the season to you with all my love.

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