One young mom….

No pretense here…..parenting has been an eye opening, humbling, character molding experience for me. I’m grateful it has made me rely heavily on God like nothing else has.

I have literally asked the Holy Spirit for inspiration on how to get across to my daughter, how to manage my day, how to still be me…… I have asked for help to maintain self control and not to snap over little things. I have given and given until I thought surely I have nothing else to give, but then I found I just can’t stop giving.

I used to be a very independent person, but parenting has made me ask for help and accept help that I’d have ignored. I used to have all my ducks in a row, but now, as long as the ducks are okay, they can very well stay wherever they choose.😂

I’ve been humbled. The joy, yet utter disbelief, that I can allow another human scribble nonsense in my books, what! But to get a moment to myself, I can give her my head.

And do not let me even get started on the mom guilt – when I let her watch too much TV just to get some sleep, when she is crying loudly in the store over something I don’t want to buy or over what I don’t even know (am I the only mom here nitori olohun) , when I feel she didn’t eat enough but I’m too tired to make anything else, so I offer Yoghurt….is bread and Yoghurt even a meal? 😭

All these I can even deal with and get over, but Zoe and I have a private battle we are fighting to overcome…..

A few days ago I was going to do what I usually do when I feel overwhelmed – recoil (isolate). Some people may feel this is a good way to re-energize, and yes, it can be, but truth to be told, I do it sometimes when I feel alone, insecure, like no one is getting me. I just want to be by myself, let the world pass by……

Then I read the words “if you’re tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest”. I didn’t read that as a Christian, I read it as a mom. Perspective makes a world of difference. It was an invitation for me, not to isolate, but to connect.

Whichever way you do it, parenting isn’t easy. Whether as a single mom, providing and parenting (I doff my hat to you), as a married woman who has her husband for some support, as a mom who has grandma around to help, whichever way, the buck still stops with you and it’s work.

I would like to extend Christ’s invitation to you. I would like to connect with you. I don’t want to do this alone either. I want a friend or some friends I can pray with, to give and get encouragement. It might not be any formal arrangement, just set a date and time, once in a while, to pray, meet, share scriptures, share counsel, just support!

If you’re a young mom reading this and would like to share this journey with me, leave a comment below and I’d hit you up.

Don’t forget, two are better than one.

With Christ’s love,

Mrs O.

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