Let the water break!

God is the master of creation.I find it interesting how that the womb of a woman is made so conducive for the growth and development of a baby,……..until the water breaks!Everything then changes,and the baby is compelled to leave its home for nine months and become the joy and celebration of others.
The same way it happens to a baby in the womb,so it happens to each and everyone of us.Many times,God allows certain events to take place in and around us to force us out of our comfort zones,because unless he does,we might never know what we are capable of being and doing.Do not struggle to stay in the womb of familiarity, rather let the water break and expose yourself to the new opportunities that will challenge you and bring out the best in you.Necessity they say is the mother of invention,in this case,I quite agree!

2 thoughts on “Let the water break!”

  1. WOW! this is so abso-total-lutely true. The breaking of the water might seem like d spell of DOOM to the baby but its actually its opportunity to BLOOM. So when we feel like our world is being rocked by life’s challenges it may be the hand of divinity putting in placed the building blocks for our advancement from obscurity to notoriety. Well done sis.


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