Dream on (2).

     I really wonder what would have happened if Joseph didn’t share his dream with his relatives.would it never have been fulfilled(cos we now know he was ordained to go to Egypt),or is it possible that it might have been fulfilled more quickly through other means.we might never know on this side of eternity,but I think there are some challenges a dream might need to go through to authenticate it,while there are others that are quite unnecessary.
My point is do not expose your dream to unnecessary challenges by talking about it too quickly!Like a seed,a dream needs to be planted first in the earth of your heart and take root and receive proper nourishment(planning) from you before it begins to germinate and is exposed for others to see.Or what do you think?do leave your comments.

6 thoughts on “Dream on (2).”

  1. As xtians,we need to learn to listen more and talk less even while praying too.So much to learn sis……….God help us.


  2. Some seeds need to be buried deep in the soil to grow while others just need to be thrown on the surface… I believe that the time of exposure of a dream depends on the nature of the dream, sometimes it’s the people you talk to initially that help the realisation of the dream. all we really need is God’s guidance for the right time to take the lid of the ‘jar of dreams’


  3. Current human disposition don’t even encourage people to share Their dreams with just anyone..Although “people” may serve as a means to an end,they could also be deterents..In all, wisdom is profitable to direct.


  4. I think in every season, we can trust God who gave us the dream in the first place to tell us what to do about the dream. For everything in life there are seasons and we should seek to know God’s heart in every season. He may direct you to certain people,He may tell you to wait…but since we seek to please Him, He’ll direct our path.


  5. Hmnnnn,interesting responses.Thanks everyone.I’ve been blessed too.Sure tola’s question has been answered.Thanks again.


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