2015 Tower builders!

A new day brings new hope,hope for a better life,better opportunities, greater accomplishments and so much more.And so also a new year!.I’m sure each and everyone of us has expectations from 2015,you hope it would be a better year,that you would accomplish certain things and have a better life in general.These are all good things in themselves,but 2015 will only give you what you put into it.
I’d therefore like to suggest that as you build towers in your mind concerning 2015,why not count what it would cost you to see them manifest.How much more do you need to save to see that new house or car manifest?what are the skills you need to acquire in developing yourself to make the best use of the opportunities that would come your way?
Don’t just think about it,sit down,pick a pen,write out your desires for 2015(spiritually,financially,socially etc),and also write what you need to do(step by step) to achieve those desires.For every tower builder must first count the cost!luke14:28.Happy 2015 in advance!

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