‘Tis the season!

Its Christmas again!A day to remember how God sent his only son as an expression of love to a dying world.And that makes me wonder,how are you going to express your love to the people around you?Have you bought them something nice,cooked a nice meal,are you taking anyone out?or you’re just spending the day at home with family?
I’d like to suggest a way of expressing love to family,friends,or even that special someone.its low cost but even more authentic than the most expensive gift you can buy.its simple:give that someone a clean slate first thing in the morning and not just tomorrow,everyday!.For love,keeps no record of wrongs. 1corinthians13:5(NIV). It will be a gift well appreciated,for it will transform your relationship with them.And hey,don’t forget,Jesus loves you!.Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the season!”

  1. Wen I saw d ‘clean slate’. I was thinking,I wud have 2 buy a new board, that slate dat public skool kids place on their heads to write in class. I had 2 booth and re-booth,wen I realised it means starting all over;4getting d past,clean off old records. Nice one Wonu!


    1. Thanks so much for dropping by Funmi and taking the time to post a comment.glad you got the message.!so pls give me a clean slate daily!love you loads.


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