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A marriage lesson from cooking (2).

Last week thursday, I made peppered grilled chicken&fried potato with sauce. It was a meal my husband and I thorougly enjoyed for two reasons:

1) It wasn’t a routine meal in our home.

2) It was very delicious 🤤

In Nigeria, due to the epileptic power supply, we never owned a grill, so I had never grilled chicken.

I had tried on a few occasions to grill my hen, but this time I decided to go online to see how professional cooks do theirs.

Needless to say the few minutes I spent learning a new and different approach to this meal was absolutely worth it.

How does marriage fit into this?

A lot of times we believe we know how to do something simply because we have seen how our parents did it.

You probably know how to cook jollof rice because your parents (or relatives) cooked it and showed you how, but unless your parent is a professional cook, the jollof rice you would cook will probably be basic and nothing like what a professional will cook at a party.

You also believe you know how to be a good spouse because of the common sense you’ve acquired about relationship from your parents or the marriages of close relatives.

Again, unless these people have intentionally acquired greater knowledge that they have modeled to you, all you know is basic, there are still greater depths into how to build a successful marriage that you know nothing about.

Common sense will only produce common results. An extra and intentional acquisition of knowledge and practice of the same will produce excellent results!

In essence, what do you want for your marriage?

You can choose to do it with the common sense you’ve acquired, or you can go get some extra sense from people who have not just learned by experience, but have added to it knowledge and research from other proven sources, which makes them experts in marital relationships.

You can serve yourself and your spouse your common sense based grilled chicken day in day out, or you can go get extra knowledge to add to your common sense and make an extraordinary peppered grilled chicken.

I hope you make the right choice.

Until next week,😎

With all my love❤️

Mrs O😊

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