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A marriage lesson from cooking.

My husband is a great cook, and he loves to cook too, and I share that simply to get your attention.

Now that I have it, imagine my husband and I were to cook a very delicious stew. We both contributed to making it very tasty and inviting to the eyes.

It’s supposed to last for a week, and we know we ought to preserve it, but we are really busy people, with work, parenting and other religious and social obligations, you know how it is. By the third day, our stew has gone sour.

Neglect is what makes a sweet relationship turn sour.

You and your spouse may be inherently good people, and the things that takes the most of your time and drains your energy are most likely legitimate needs.

However, like I learned this week,

The only way to make your relationship a priority is to take some of the attention away from all the other ones.

Paul Shaffer

Your marriage is your sweet meal that you and your spouse have made together, don’t wait until it gets sour for it to get your attention, prioritize it’s preservation daily, so it can last your lifetime.

Just sharing with you the musings of my heart today.

Until next week,😎

With all my love❤️

Mrs O😊

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6 thoughts on “A marriage lesson from cooking.”

  1. “Neglect makes a relationship go sour” hmnn!
    But you know its not like you intentionally just want to neglect your relationship, there’s just so much responsibilities and things to do and then you need a break from everything life throws at you and you’re wondering how you grew up so fast and realise you have little beings that call you mummy running around your house and a husband you’re in a committed loving relationship with… I’m sorry I just wanted to rant 😞

    I love the write up though, it caught my attention 😊🤗


    1. You’re allowed to rant sis. Neglect is rarely intentional, that’s why it’s called neglect not abandonment. But we just have to learn to prioritize our true priorities. And reminders like this help, so it’s best to surround ourselves with associations that will continually remind us of our true priorities. Thanks so much for ranting out loud to me 😁


  2. Very well observed, Mrs O. The example of the stew is quite appropriate in this case because it conjures up the right tasty connotations re relationships. And making a stew together with your spouse is a healthy couple activity too.


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