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One remarkable quality about my husband!

It’s my husband’s birthday today💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 and of course I have to drop everything and blog about him😁.

Mi amor ❤️

One remarkable quality about my husband that has robbed off on me is his CONSISTENCY!

Mr O is a finisher! He loves to see things through. Sometimes it can even be a tad bit annoying because when he starts something, I can’t take over halfway, he has to finish it.

Even though he’s tired of taking pictures, he’s still hanging in there😅

When I started my weight loss journey, there were many times I wanted to throw in the towel and stop exercising, but my darling husband will invite me to work out with him, cajole me, remind me, encourage me etc.

And even when he says nothing, just seeing him consistently sticking to his routine was definitely enough motivation.

Those arms get me every single time ☺️

On this lovely birthday of yours, I salute you and your “stickability”😁

You will never have any abandoned projects or suffer any losses in Jesus name, Amen.

Please help me overwhelm him with happy birthday wishes in the comments section.

Happy birthday my darling❤️

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9 thoughts on “One remarkable quality about my husband!”

  1. A very happy birthday to Mr O. May he experience more of God’s goodness in this new year of his. Happy birthday to you too Assistant celebrant 😊


  2. Happy (slightly belated) birthday 🎂 to Mr O. The birthday month is still his. His ability to stick to things to their completion is a sign of a good Moon 🌙 placement in his birth chart, which should also help him greatly in all his relationships, specially with his near and dear ones. Wish you the very best.


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